Dungeons & Dragon : The world of Mystoria !

Day 2, Part 2
Aina decide to leave through the tunnel alone and make his way to the entrance of the crypt where he previously spotted a tent. He sneaked to the back of the tent and spotted a ton of supplies in it. A moment of greed took over him as he engages the 4 soldiers in the tent to a fight!

Meanwhile after a long debate, the party decided to exit the crypt through the front door, this alerted the 2 guard who were standing right beside the stone door. Tallioard and Luna quickly each casted the Charm Person spell and successfully tricked the 2 soldiers to believing her party was there for renovation purpose!! They also managed to obtain the true history of this area from the Soldiers.

 “About a thousand years ago, there was a great war against evil and 3 Heroes stood out against all odds. After a long hard battle, they managed to slay the Vampire Lord but not before it cursed the heroes with the blood of death. The elven mage managed to save vs. the deadly curse but the same can’t be said for the human warrior and the human cleric.

The War could do without a mage but not without a man who is a leader to all others, neither would they want to lose a healer who could save their soul. Such was the final words before the mage did the greatest act by reversing the entire curse upon himself and became the next vampire lord. But this was just the start of the nightmare.

The mage eventually loses his mind and began to kill anything and everything in sight to satisfy his lust only to be stopped by the Grand Demon Slayer who defeated and trapped him in a ruin with a magical orb.

The grand demon slayer informed the Knights that this vampire must not be slain or his death will reverse the curse once more to the soul of the Warrior and Cleric who was the original recipient of the blood curse.”

Cloud who did not like the darkness nor agree to exit through the front door left through the tunnel alone to look for Aina.

Aina who initially was proud of his fighting skill soon realize that fighting 4 full plated armored soldiers at once was not an easy feat. Meanwhile the party who were talking to the charmed soldiers heard sound of fighting with Belegor and Luna running into the tent and start to aid their new friend. At the same time, Meldora suspected that Aina was at fault and had picked the wrong fight with the soldiers who did not exhibit an evil aura and decided to stay out of battle. Luna stayed behind to comfort the 2 charmed soldiers who were in confusion what has happen. Cloud managed to join the combat at the last moment by hiding behind the tent and casted a bane spell.

Eventually within a few more rounds, everyone understood the fight was a lost cause and decided to retreat. It was at this moment, Aina luck run out and one of the soldiers landed a finishing blow and brought his health to -9. If not for the fact that he made a successful healing check, he would have died on the spot.

The soldiers pity the dying elf and attempt a healing check (which failed) on him. When all hopes seem lost, Cloud ran into the dying Aina and explain he was a passing by cleric and could help to stabilize his wound. He also uses his diplomacy check to persuade the soldier to use a healing potion on Aina. The party was allowed to leave as the soldier deem that none of them posed a threat.

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