Dungeons & Dragon : The world of Mystoria !

Day 2
The party arrives at the Crypt entrance and found 2 soldiers dress in Knight armor guarding the entrance and they can also see a large tentage next to the entrance area.

Following the plans of the commander, they encircle to the rear of the crypt and found the secret tunnel that was pre-dug by someone. They line up in a straight formation and venture into the tunnel with Cloud holding onto Luna hand. (Cloud is a human and can’t see much in the dark)

Meldora, Cloud and Aina were among the first to decent to the second level of the crypt. They found a Coffin which was opened with a weird looking Orb emitting a strong blue ray of light onto the corpse inside. They soon realize that the Vampire Lord in an incorruptible mode.

The party then discover a worn-out stone inscription but could barely read the content due to the years of wear and tear.

Meanwhile, Meldora attempted to appraise the value of the coffin just as Aina climbed up and pull the Orb from its position and keep the newfound treasure in his backpack. The orb immediately loses its magical glow while Meldora eye shines with $$ and started brainstorming how to remove the coffin from the crypt.

Cloud then cast his summoning spell to bring forward a fire beetle that falls onto the Vampire Lord and order it to bite the dead corpse. Just as the party contemplate their next mischief, the Vampire Lord suddenly sit up with its eye still closed.

The party began attacking the Vampire in the mist of surprise but could barely deal any damage to it after several rounds. Meldora suddenly had a quick thinking and got Belegar to pass him the Silver Stake that the commander has given to them the day before. He then stabs the Vampire Lord in the heart with the silver stake.

The Vampire Lord collapse back into his coffin and the entire corpse vanish into thin air within the next few seconds. Meldora quickly loots the expensive looking shirt that was in the coffin while Cloud pocket the Silver Stake into his inventory.


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